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long island puppet shows and traveling theater

Why choose our puppet productions?
Partyloons is a family owned and operated production company with two generations of performers and over 28 years experience entertaining Long Island families! 
We pride ourselves in providing our clients with quality, entertaining, family fun.

We are also known as Small World Puppets, our theater is recognized coast to coast  for it's commitment to excellence and innovation. Three of our puppet productions have received awards. In addition we are known as a leader in the industry with our innovative designs, choreography and many party inventions.

Extreme attention is given to every detail, most of our puppets are custom made and are over 15" tall.

In addition,
our theater productions are choreographed with an emphasis on education, they combine audience interaction with musical enrichment and dramatic play. Guaranteed to be and enjoyed by children and adults of all ages.

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    We love what we do and it shows!

Sample photo of our Deluxe Stage
traveling puppet shows for kids parties


New Release

traveling puppet shows for kids parties

Puppet Productions


puppet shows for kids and childrens parties

Infants To Age 8

"Jungle Jam" is no ordinary animal adventure... Join in the fun with this hilarious cast of characters. Hear the beats, sing the songs and have your feet dance along! This exciting musical comedy explores animals from around the world...including a trip back in time to the days of dinosaurs!

This 30 minute production is our largest most extravagant to date!
Highlights include; over 25
amazing animal characters as well as whimsical Muppet style puppets, props, colorful scenery changes and special effects.

Please contact our studio for packages & rates.



Infants To Age 7

A must have show  for any young Disney fan!

Mickey's Clubhouse
is a high energy 30 minute
musical stage production performed by two puppeteers. 
Sing-A-Long to 
your favorite songs and interact to Silly Skits just like on TV. 

This exciting new show features a total of "10" look  alike
Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Daisy and Donald & more! 
PLUS additional Rod & Muppet Style puppets, amazing Visual Props, 
Colorful Scenery Changes  and Special Effects.

Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse...
  let the fun begin!

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long island puppet shoes and traveling puppet theater

Infants To Age 7
We've combined three of the most popular kids shows into this high energy 
30 minute cabaret style puppet production! Sing-A-Long to your favorite songs, 
interact to Silly Skits  and Jam like a real rock star just like on TV. 

This production includes "18" Muppet style puppets! PLUS amazing Visual Props, Colorful Scenery Changes and Special Effects.


long island puppet shows and traveling puppet theater

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Phineas and Ferb

Updated for 2018 featuring exciting new Sing A Long Songs!
Sing A Silly Song
Infants To Age 7
long island puppet shows and traveling theater

Sing A Silly Song is a high energy 30 minute musical stage production performed 
by two puppeteers. 
Sing-A-Long to your favorite songs along with
"30" of your
favorite puppet characters!
This production features: Elmo, Cookie, Oscar, 
Big Bird, Snuffy, The Count,
Miss Spider, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Wonder Pets, 
DJ Lance, Brobee, Foofa, Plex, Dora,
Swiper, Boots, Backpack 
and many more favorites!

In addition, Props are also used by our Puppeteers to make this production come
alive. This show makes for a hand clapping,  foot taping, half hour of fun!

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Infants To Age 4

This production is exclusive to 
Small World and is protected by 
copyright  laws. 


Adapted from the award-winning Baby Einstein series this production features the use of over 25 Professional Hand, Rod, Theatrical & Muppet Style Puppets as well as amazing Visual Props. 

If you attend a Gymboree type class, Mommy & 
Me group or are a fan of Baby Einstein this show
is for you!

This innovative 30 minute stage production is performed by two Puppeteers. We incorporate the art of puppetry with live theatre, audience interaction, musical enrichment and concept development......Children have so much fun they don't even realize that they are learning. It's focus 
is on stimulating 3 of the 5 senses.....Sight, Sound and Touch. Our upbeat instrumental versions of children's favorites are guaranteed to energize 
both adults and children alike.

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Additional Photos

3 classic tales...
One fun filled show!

Ever After

4-12 years


"Happily Ever After" is a full stage production featuring "3" of the most beloved short stories 
ever told. See straw spun into
gold, climb the magic beanstalk and help the prince find the 
princess. Each classic tale is approximately 
10 minutes in length. Total performance time is 30 minutes.

Performed in classic theater style with whimsical twists these enchanting musical productions 
feature the use of over 
"18" Professional Hand & Rod Puppets as well as amazing Visual Props and Colorful Scenery changes. 

Featured Stories
The Princess & The Pea
Jack & The Beanstalk

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All New Show For 2018!!!

Infants To Age 6

123 SESAME & ME is a high energy 35 minute
stage production featuring a total of "
15" look 
alike puppets. Featured are
Elmo, Cookie, Oscar,
Grungetta, Big Bird, Snuffleupagus, The Count,
Bert, Ernie, Zoe and Grover
PLUS five additional Muppet Style characters.

Children can Sing-A-Long to their favorite songs and interact to Silly Skits just like on TV. Learning has never been so much fun

In addition, this production also includes Larger Then Life Visual Props & Colorful Scenery Effects.

A must have performance for 
 any young 
Sesame fan!

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A Muppet Style Production loaded with Whimsical 
Twists and infectious humor!

The 3 Little Pigs Musical Adventure

4-12 years

This high energy reproduction of a classic tale includes a musical mix of pop, rock, ballads, lively sound effects and infectious humor guaranteed to entertain the whole family!  

This enchanting musical is a full stage production presented in classic theater style. In addition it features the use of over
"10" Professional Muppet Style puppets as well as amazing Visual Props & Colorful Scenery changes. 

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Rattle & Romp

Custom programs available
for Infants To Age 6

This exciting award winning program is geared
specifically for children under the age of five
years. Mommy & Me, Toddler & Pre School age programs are available and can be tailored to the ability of the audience. All equipment brought to 
your location. Program is 45 minutes in length. 

 A puppet stage is not used for this
performance. Children gather around our
parachute along with our Puppeteer for a 
playful sing along incorporating the use of puppets, props, musical instruments, 
parachute play, bubble fun, activity balls
and so much more... 

vtoddler puppet shows and party entertainment long island ny

This production is a wonderful introduction to puppetry combining audience interaction with musical enrichment and motion play.
All equipment is used hands on by participants. This segment concludes with a delightful 
story time enhanced by additional props. 
An adorable production guaranteed to 
be enjoyed by the young and young at heart!

Custom programs are available for
 Children, Teens & Adults with 
Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities.
Please contact our studio for assistance.

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Enchanted Tunes
A must have show for any young Disney fan!

Infant to age 8

Sing-A-Long to a musical mix of your favorite princess character songs! Pop, rock, ballads, lively sound effects and infectious humor guaranteed to entertain the whole family!  

This enchanting cabaret style musical is a full stage production and features the use of over
"12" Professional Muppet Style puppets as well as amazing Visual Props & Colorful Scenery changes. 

These one of a kind custom puppets are sure to delight any little prince or princess. This show features an all-star puppet cast including Elsa, Olaf, Belle, Ariel, Snow White & the Dwarfs, Rapunzel & MANY MORE...

Please contact our studio for packages & rates.


Recommended age 4-9 years

Puppet Palooza™ is an educational
production performed by two Puppeteers 
and features
over 30 Professional Hand,
 Rod, Theatrical & Muppet Style Puppets. 
This unique, award winning program is
an exciting introduction to the art of puppetry 
with an emphasis on Music Therapy. This production combines hands on audience interaction with live puppet theater. 

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puppet shows long island new york

Performance includes musical skits & interactive
songs featuring:  BINGO, Grandpas Farm, Green
Grass, Itsey Spider, Six Little Ducks, If Your Happy,
John Jackob & Many MORE......! During this performance one of our puppeteers remains 
in full view of the audience interacting through 
song and dance with the use of Props, 
Puppets and Musical Instruments.

Experience the excitement on the children’s 
faces as they themselves become the puppeteers! This production is recommended for small audiences. Jr. Puppeteer Certificates are awarded to the children upon conclusion
of program. This segment combines audience 
interaction with musical enrichment and dramatic play. The result...a hands on Musical Extravaganza!

Please contact our studio
 for packages & rates.

Custom programs are available for Children and Adults with Intellectual
 and Developmental Disabilities. Please contact our studio for assistance.

This adorable holiday musical is double the fun! 


2-12 years

Snowed in at Grandpa's house, two youngsters, 
Marie and Gilbert learn the secret of Santa's flying sleigh. They are delighted as Grandpa introduces them to Luiz, a singing penguin who used to be one of Santa's sleigh mechanics. This 20-minute musical gives us a whimsical look at Christmas and and reminds us of the true meaning of the season.

In addition;
For the big finale, includes a festive 
musical encore featuring The Chipmunks, Santa, 
Frosty, Rudolf & many more holiday characters. 

Guaranteed to entertain the whole family!
Total running time 30 minutes.

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holiday puppet shows long island new york

Coordinating Craft Workshops

4-14 years

Craft Workshops

Create your own Sock, Rod, Paper Bag puppets or Whimsical Musical Instruments
with the help of our instructors. 

Please contact our studio
  for packages & rates.

              long island new york ny puppet shows

Click Buddy our Green Monster puppet above to 
view our references and client feedback.


Outdoor Puppet Events: Our equipment can not get wet. A flat, dry, level, wind free, level surface is required.
In addition; for safety and the integrity of our equipment if you are planning your event outdoors you will
need to have an indoor area available as a back up if rain/wind or other conditions make it to dangerous
to perform or if damage is likely. If winds make it necessary to hold the stage to remain upright it must be
indoors. While the stage is large it is light weight and wind can damage the unit as well as cause harm to
spectators. Because of the stage height and it's curtains it can not be staked down, the wind will make the
fabric act as a sail. Full balance is still due if indoor area is needed and not provided. If you have
additional questions regarding puppet shows contact our studio.


*** PLEASE NOTE *** 
All rates posted on this site are for 
" Western Suffolk"  and " Central Suffolk"  Long Island. 

For all other areas  
Click here for Travel Charges 

Proudly serving Nassau and Suffolk County Long Island,
Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan,
Westchester, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Other areas served by special arrangements, please call for your quote.


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